MONIN Forecasts 2015 Flavor Trends

“Monin Gourmet Flavorings continues the more than 100 year tradition of being the global flavor leader by announcing top 2015 Flavor Trends.   These five emerging trends are predicted to influence food and beverage menus in the coming year and beyond.”

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Salty and Sweet, a Winning Combination

“Leave it to the French to invent a sweet and savory combination so delectable that Americans simply can’t resist: Salted Caramel.”

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Monin Blooming beverages

“Mixologists across the country are finding inspiration in flowers and are using their flavors to concoct creative beverages.”

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Monin Cool drinks, hot profits

“Today’s diners expect restaurants to offer non-alcoholic drinks that are as exciting as the gourmet cocktails and craft beers that have become so popular.”

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A New Year Brings New Tropical Monin Flavors

“Monin Gourmet Flavorings, the world’s leading provider of premium syrups and flavoring products, invites you to escape to the tropics with the addition of two new exotic  flavor blends.” New flavors include Tiki Blend, a mix of passion fruit, pomegranate and ginger, and South Seas Blend, a combination of mango, guava and ginger.

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Monin Produk Perancis Sejak 1912

Sirup Monin adalah produk yang berasal dari Perancis, berdiri sejak tahun 1912. Pada tahun 1912, Georges Monin memutuskan untuk mendirikan sebagai minuman keras dan sirup produsen bersejarah di Bourges, buah tumbuh di daerah Perancis.

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