Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach Commercial represents a long tradition of innovative products. Founded in the early 1900s, Hamilton Beach has more than 100 years of industry innovations that have filled not only homes but also businesses as well throughout the globe. An invention that still stands as a staple today in Hamilton Beach’s line of commercial products, is the electric drink mixer. Similar to the original drink mixer from 1911, all Hamilton Beach Commercial products in today’s line are built with ingenuity, durability, and attention to detail. The Hamilton Beach Commercial product line spans a wide range of commercial and foodservice appliances, including Commercial Blenders and Drink Mixers as well as Stand Mixers and Toasters. In particular, Hamilton Beach’s commercial quality high performance blenders which are illustrated below are built for durability and performance to create the perfect frozen concoction exceptionally well and fast. Products: [lightbox href=""] HAMILTON BEACH BLENDER HBH 850 [/lightbox] [lightbox href=""] HAMILTON BEACH BLENDER HBH 650 [/lightbox] [lightbox href=""] HAMILTON BEACH BLENDER HBH 450 [/lightbox]

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    Monin Bali Flavors Studio
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