A New Year Brings New Tropical Monin Flavors

A New Year Brings New Tropical Monin Flavors

A New Year Brings New Tropical Monin Flavors
“Monin Gourmet Flavorings, the world’s leading provider of premium syrups and flavoring products, invites you to escape to the tropics with the addition of two new exotic  flavor blends.”
New flavors include Tiki Blend, a mix of passion fruit, pomegranate and ginger, and South Seas Blend, a combination of mango, guava and ginger.
These blends were inspired by trending Tiki beverages.  Consumers are turning to nostalgic Tiki drinks for an authentic taste from the past and tropical flavors that are reminiscent of an island getaway.  Additionally, proprietary national online survey and taste tests prove high consumer intent to order these Monin flavors in chain restaurants.
The Monin flavor blends deliver the delicious taste of layered flavors with one ingredient, making it operationally easy to craft the classic Mai Tai, Hurricane, and Tropical Punch.  The flavors are also versatile in livening up iced tea, lemonade and more.

Monin offers over 200 specialty syrup, sauce, purée, and smoothie products designed to add flavor and profit to specialty beverages.


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